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Our Services

Our goal is to make realizing your project faster and easier! We understand that startups, small, or mid-sized business owners are working with limited resources. We allow you the ability to optimize and stretch your resources. Don’t waste your time putting all your eggs in one basket, or entrusting your entire project to one hired employee. We provide you with a skilled team of scientists, and a cutting-edge laboratory—for the same price or less!


In collaboration with our trusted partners, we also offer researches to measure your samples for various biomarkers and novel acute care as suPAR with the suPARnostic® kit.


We have experience in following techniques: ELISA, LFI, Turbidimetry (PETIA) and PCR.

Feasability Study

If you have an idea for a new medical product or you need to confirm apreexisting test on different platform, we can develop a feasibility study in cooperation with our partners—or test your prototype in our laboratory.

Analyzing and Reporting

We transform your data into the in-depth reporting and analytics required to market, sell, improve, and prove your medical device. Give us the specifics on which kind of reporting you need and we will meet or exceed your needs.


We assist you in the further development of your ELISA, LFI or Turbidimetry (PETIA) assay. We help you decide which test are of most value and relevance, in which succession to test, and can perform all testing on your behalf.


We offer guidance in performing validations of your medical device. Ranging from stability study, to inter-laboratory variation testing, and more!

Laboratory Work

Outsource your recurring laboratory assignments and let us perform series of ELISA, DNA Purifications, or development testing work—all in a cutting-edge facility, with a skilled team of scientists.

Product to Market

After product validation, you require a CE/IVD mark and instruction for use before you are ready for sale. We help you will all these aspects.

Diagnostic Testing

Do you need your product to be tested on a specific group of sample material? Or do you want to compare your biomarker with other diagnostic testing? With our cooperation partners, we can offer almost every samples and biological test you require. Send us your request, and we will walk you through the timeline.


Contact us for other services

Don’t see the product or device services you require? Just ask! We can assist with a wide-range of scientific procedures. This includes setting up clinical trials, product evaluations, and related assignments required to bring your medical device to the Polish market. Send us an e-mail and we will let you know if we can assist.